Saturday, April 29, 2017

The end of a chapter

I suppose no matter how happy the beginning of a tragedy is, it is still a tragedy.  In my case, I needed help from a friend yesterday and he didn't come through for me. I never got a reply is what I'm saying.

I guess he was busy or he doesn't give a damn anymore. It's a hard reality to face but if it's one to help me get better, than it's one worth facing. Why is all of today's music so bloody depressing anyway? It's oddly a Sunday. I say oddly because I'm never usually up this early or awake on a Sunday but here I am, writing in my blog.

I suppose the plan of action is to not talk to him until he sorts himself out or better yet, just not talk at all. I wonder what's going on for him. I wish I could help. Ah well. I can't dwell on that too long or it's just going to stress me out. I got my cat cat litter and a new cat bowl because she needed it. Dad may scream at me but so be it. I'm just waiting for the cafe to open before I get back to my oh so depressing and lame assignment. I can't wait to get out of school. I'm so sick of trying to read between the lines. Then again, we do it everyday if you think about it.

Ah well. It wouldn't hurt if I made a start on it now.

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